Martes, Enero 31, 2012

Tutuban Mall Finds!

I am a self-proclaimed shopaholic but considering  the state of our economy a true blue fashionista must find ways to keep up!! I just found out a new FASHION HAVEN in the busy place such as Tutuban Mall. If you gals do decide to head there I suggest you come in early. Your  gonna need time scouring and sifting through stores for price canvass and unique finds. One thing I noticed though is that a few stalls have the same items so again being early would give time to haggle! Just a tip be cheeky to the one manning the store,  giving out your sweetest smile sure wouldn't hurt anyone. So without further ado, here are my loots!!!

I got the stripes one-piece dress for 300 Php, the two see-through blouse I managed to haggle for 250 php each and 250 php for  the embroidered shorts! Dirt cheap right? I am definitely going back in there!!

Huwebes, Enero 19, 2012

Review: Cover Girl Clean sensitive skin Foundation

Hello cupcakes!!! I am back with yet another haul and a review to boot!  I am very particular with what I put on my face, so for my foundation I use Cover Girl Clean Sensitive Skin Foundation in classic ivory 210.

Cover Girl Clean Sensitive Skin
What I love about this product:
>> 100% fragrance- free and oil-free
>> Hypoallergenic 
>> It's consistency and texture
>> Buildable light to medium coverage
>> Does not break me out
>> Affordable!! Priced at 526Php ( not bad if you ask me !)

What I don't like about the product:
>> Tends to get flaky, and accentuates lines and pores, must use it with a good primer
>> It doesn't have a pump!! 
>> Doesn't contain spf 
>> not much help keeping the oil at bay! 

Over all this product is okay!! Very affordable and practically does the job covering imperfections. I love this product because it doesn't break me out compare to tons of foundies I have tested. So for my other hauls I also bought Celeteque Hydration Facial Moisturizer and kokuryo lipstick in flame!

Martes, Enero 10, 2012

First Haul!

First evurrr HAUL for this blog!!!!! People who know me very well can attest to the fact that I am not a spender, well, at least I don't consider myself as one. I am always on the hunt for the ''look for less'' in clothes and affordable substitutes of make-up brands I can't afford!! Quality doesn't have to suffer when you say affordable though, you just need to have a keen eye and a whole lot of perseverance walking around the mall to find 'em! So here are my affordable finds on a lazy afternoon!

I am currently obsessing on growing my hair and learning on styling it so I bought bobby pins19.75 Php, Glam Works heat defense 75 Php, and the hair bun maker ( don't know what's its called haha ) 49 Php.  I am in need of a new brush case and I found a decent one reasonably priced at 139 Php. Also grabbed my current facial wash Nivea sparkling white for oily skin 125 Php, a new leather case for my ancient iphone 3g  69 Php. I made a last top at Japan Home in Park Square and ended up with their wall decal for 88 Php only!!! Till my next hunt hunnies!! 


Lunes, Enero 2, 2012

Un deux trois...let's blog!

I have been following several beauty/fashion blogs for about a year or so but it is only now that I actually got the courage to start my own. You see, I haven't always been interested in make-up when I was hitting puberty, I had very troubled skin so it never occurred to me that I can wear any cos I might break out more. It is only recently that I stumbled and fell in love with ( long pause to create dramahhh ) make-up! Ever since that one fateful evening, when I decided to put eyeliner and used foundation for the first time, that I went gaga for hold it... MAKE-UP!! It just hit me that make-up is one of the few things I am passionate about. When you put a hint of blush on your cheek you don't only put color to your face but an added confidence, and that is priceless!! Now, I don't have to sulk whenever my mother or sister stall around cosmetic counters for who knows how long because it has now become my favorite playground!!! So do expect me to muse about anything and everything about being bootaful inside and out!!!! Let me leave you with  photos of my ever so gorgeous friend I forced to make-over!!